Whiskey Valley Jerky Flavors


Hickory Original (formally Mild) ~ This Jerky is finished with marinating only in Whiskey Valley Marinade. Taste the Hickory Smoke Flavor and Special Spices


Peppered ~ Whiskey Valley Hickory Marinade then dusted with the perfect size Black Pepper to give it just the right amount of heat and flavor. This is the first blend that stated it all.


Buttered Garlic ~This is a new addition to the Jerky line up. Taste it and get the Garlic to begin followed by the Buttery flavor. We sell this seasoning which is excellent on Steak, Seafood, Salads and it really KICKS on Chicken.


Spicy ~ Made from a ground 4 Red Pepper Blend. Has just the right amount of heat for those who like Spicy Foods.


Blazing Hot ~ If you really enjoy Spicy try the Blazing HOT. Same delicious flavor only A LOT more heat.


Jalapeno ~ Taste the meat on the first bite and enjoy the flavor and wait for the kick on the back side when you swallow. This is our first flavor that uses Whiskey Valley’s Apple Marinade.


Lemon Pepper Chicken ~ With an Apple Marinade base you get to taste the base Smokey flavor then the lemon pepper on the side!


Penny’s Pride Dog Treats ~ All-natural dog treats. We use the scraps from the grass-fed top round and make them into dog treats. 0 additives and 100% natural meat.

Seasonings ~ Buttered Garlic - Black and Spicy peppers, Cajun Kickin and Mild BBQ

Marinade - Hickory and Apple